Australian toy business Mizzie The Kangaroo has launched its first-ever Australian-made product, Mizzie Memory Match. 

The game is printed in Queensland using FSC-Certified and recyclable paper and is assembled by Multicap’s production group Makeables, an organisation providing employment opportunities to local disabled people. 

Speaking on the launch, Mizzie the Kangaroo founder Sandra Ebbott told Toy & Hobby Retailer that the business is working on bringing more of its production to Australia. 

"It’s been a dream of mine to make our products here, but so far, the economics have not worked.

"The production of our hero products, our 100% Natural Rubber Teething toy, is highly specialised, and not a skill and tools readily available here in Australia.

"Although I’d like the full production of all products to be done here, it will take some time, and significant investment. We are working on it, but it most certainly won’t happen overnight.

"But when we started developing this new Mizzie Memory Match, it was a natural progression to start researching and investigating possibilities of producing it here.

"Although it was not as cost effective as producing it overseas (even including the shipment), I made it a conscious decision to make this one work, as I really wanted to make a difference this year.

"I think being able to give additional opportunities right here in Queensland was a huge incentive, and additionally, to be able to give an employment opportunity for people living with a disability through our partnership with Multicap/Makeables, has been so rewarding," she said. 

Speaking further on the partnership with Multicap, Ebbott added that it is one of the most rewarding milestones the business has achieved. 

"With us producing the product here, we now had so many opportunities to explore, and the Multicap opportunity was one that we jumped at.

"To not only be able to drive 15 minutes down the road to visit the assembly line, meet and speak to the team, and additionally, to provide an employment opportunity with the wonderful team at The Makeables who live with a disability, it was the one of the most rewarding milestone of my Mizzie work so far.

"The Makeables team are truly professional, passionate, and grateful for their opportunities - what an absolute delight!

"The team at The Makeables job share, so in total, approximately 20 team members have worked on assembling Mizzie Memory Match, if not more," she said. 

The multi-level, four-in-one, jumbo 36 card memory match game offers a range of matching, sorting and learning activities for kids from three-years old. 

It is available now on the Mizzie the Kangaroo website and is set to launch on the Myer website, Harvey Norman online, Temple and Webster and The Iconic in the coming days. 

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