Big W equipped its online store with a virtual queue to manage the traffic for its Toy Mania sale. 

Anticipating large numbers for the digital launch of the annual sale, Big W implemented a digital queuing system. 

Customers accessing the Big W website on launch day (16 June) were placed in a "waiting lounge" until they reached the front of the queue. Once on the main website consumers had 60 minutes to place as many orders as they liked. 


"Wow! Toy Mania truly lived up to its name last night," Big W posted to its Facebook page. 

"At the strike of midnight, thousands of customers jumped online.

"We anticipated our online launch would attract a large number of savvy parents and introduced the Big W waiting lounge to manage the virtual queue, much like you would experience in store.

"Most shoppers checked out without a hitch however we apologise to those of you that were kept up past your bedtime and experienced a few technical glitches.

"Our Toy Mania elves are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to keep the online queue moving quickly, and we can assure you that we’ve spoken to our toys, and they can’t wait to be added to your basket, be that in-store or online," the business said. 

However, some customers expressed their disappointment at the queuing system and long waiting times.

"This feels like a joke...tried multiple times with no success and lots of errors," one shopper commented.

"Eventually went to bed and when I tried again this morning half the items were unavailable. I am reluctantly hopeful that in store may be better," they said. 

Another shopper claimed that they weren't able to pay for their items due to an error. 

"Sorry Big W but you lost out from me. Not sure I’ll try again next year.

"I was up at 4am while feeding the baby and tried to buy over $1100 worth only to not be able to checkout (must have been a glitch with the payment stage). Oh well," they said. 


Meanwhile, other customers had a positive experience while shopping the sale. 

"A big thank you to Big W and your teams for creating an online option for your Toy Sale this year, the effort to keep your team and customers as safe as possible is wonderful.

"Online would not have been a pre-planned option and of course there was going to be teething issues.

"It’s a sale, things sell out, lines are long, IT crashes at the worst of times.

"Toy sales takes months and months of planning and are not just arranged in a few weeks. The effort to get this up and running is huge, I am so grateful and thankful to all," a customer commented. 

Another shopper said that due to the sale being so popular, the waiting times are to be expected. 

"It was what was to be expected! A wait like normal.

"But that’s the price you pay for wanting to save [money], as all of it will be around again before Christmas.

"I got 80% of what I wanted and the rest I will try again before the end when stocks replenish. Thanks Big W," the shopper said. 

The Big W Toy Mania in-store sale will begin tomorrow, 18 June. 

The Toy Mania sale ends on 15 July.

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