Chairman and CEO of American toy company MGA Entertainment, Isaac Larian, has announced on LinkedIn that an Australian office of the business will be opening in February 2019.

In the post, Larian announced that Sapienza Salerno will be the managing director of the Australian arm and that she will be based in Sydney.

Larian also thanked CEO of Headstart International, Andrew Hendy, and the Headstart team for the work they've done with MGA.

“We are very grateful to Andrew Hendy and the Headstart team for fabulous job they have done for MGA and Zapf in Australia.

“We will open MGA Australia to sell and market direct starting Feb 2019.

“Sapienza Salerno will be our managing director based [in] Sydney.”

Larian also went on to post that MGA Australia is looking for employees.

“We are hiring. Please contact Sap and Carolyn. Need great sales, marketing, analyst, supply chain, operation, IT, HR people. MGA is a no politics and deliver the result culture and we pay well.”


Source: LinkedIn


Salerno replied to Larian's post commenting: “Thank you, I'm very excited to be joining the MGA Team," and told Toy & Hobby Retailer that, "Headstart have done a phenomenal job over the years. It's exciting times for MGA."

Before her appointment at MGA Australia, Salerno served 22 years as a business manager at Haven Licensing until July 2017, and had most recently been working as a sales consultant at Independent Property Group.

Hendy told Toy & Hobby Retailer, that both businesses are expanding and parting is the best option for both.

"Although we’ve had a great run with MGA our two companies are both growing and this will be the best move for both of us.

"David and I will remain good friends with Isaac and will assist where we can and assure a smooth transition – which should be about mid next year.

"Next year Headstart will release at least six new brands in existing categories such as plush and collectables as well as new categories such as vehicles and dolls.

"In addition to these brands we have signed many new licenses such as The Wiggles and Ryan’s Toy Review to add to our growing licensed business with Disney, Warner Bros, Sesame Street, Care Bears and many others.

“I look forward to sharing the success with Sapienza Salerno who can grow MGA Australia to similar success,” he said.

MGA Entertainment is well known for it's big brands including Lol Surprise, Poopsie Slime Surprise and Little Tikes.

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