A team of ex-journalists and communications specialists are offering Melbourne organisations crisis media support through a free hotline.

Good Talent Media has launched the complimentary crisis media hotline to help businesses looking to get advice on their crisis communications.

Taking inspiration from across the Tasman, Good Talent Media have pivoted to offer the service based on the Maori tradition of koha, which revolves around the concept of reciprocity, or gift-giving, to support one’s fellow community.

Good Talent Media director Tony Nicholls said that the hotline is available to all companies across all sectors.

"We understand this is a confusing, uncertain and overwhelming time for many organisations.

"COVID-19 has thrown companies into a whirlwind and we are taking this opportunity to give something back to the community, showing organisations how effective crisis communications can be in reversing negative publicity into trust and confidence.

"During these unprecedented times, an effective communications strategy can be quite literally “make or break” for companies.

"Having a crisis communications plan is like having insurance for your brand; you wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, so why risk the reputation of your company?

"Our crisis media hotline is open to all companies and organisations across every sector, absolutely free of charge and with no strings attached," he said.

Organisations in need of crisis communications support can contact the crisis hotline on 1300 258 995 and receive a complimentary consultation with an experienced communications professional.

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