Following growing COVID-19 case numbers in Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews has mandated the wearing of facemasks out in public for those living in metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire from 11.59pm on Wednesday 22 July.

Upon leaving the house for the four permitted reasons, the public will be required to wear a face covering or face a $200 fine.

This means that retail staff working in these areas will be required to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth while at work, the Australian Retailers Association said.

"For retail staff, face coverings which cover the nose and mouth of the individual are required for all workers living or working in the nominated areas.

"If you are an ARA member experiencing any difficulty obtaining sufficient masks for your workplace, please contact the ARA membership team.

"Retail staff should remind customers to wear a face covering within their store and should refuse entry to customers not wearing one.

"The ARA will issue updated signage for your convenience," the organisation said.

There will be some exemptions for wearing a mask and these are:

  • those who have a medical reason
  • kids under 12 years of age
  • those who have a professional reason
  • or if it’s just not practical, like when running

The ARA added that retailers are not responsible for enforcing the rules and they can contact the police over disputes regarding the face covering.

"Retailers are not responsible for issuing fines or regulating the wearing of face coverings in any other way.

"If any difficulties arise, retailers can contact the local police."

Those outside of metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are not required to wear a mask, however it is recommended.

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