Warning: the broad selection of fashion and craft inspired kits from Bright Spark toys might lead to bouts of indecision in-store.

Whether it’s the Cool Glam Sparkle Tattoo Parlor with its gorgeous temporary glitter tattoos; the sporty, chic and fun-to-make Cobra Bracelets, or the braided, beaded, wrapable Deluxe Forever Bracelets, girls aged 6-8 years old will find something to suit their taste and skill level.

Time away from the computer screen or television can be a great opportunity for learning a new craft and gaining confidence, making the My Sewing Kit from Alex a great introduction to a new skill and potentially, a life-long hobby.

Or if quick, fun and ideal for parties and sleepovers is what’s needed, try the Sweet Treats Jewellery kit which contains everything needed to make 150 Shrinky Dinks and gems.

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