As reported by Toyworld, Lego has unveiled its first global Christmas advertisement that was produced by its in-house agency, the Lego Agency.


The ad explores Lego as being a door to the rest of a child's, teenager's and adult's imagination – with the characters snapping into a world of imagination when the Lego piece clicks into place.


Vice president of the Lego Agency, Remi Marcelli, said that the ad showcases the possibilities of the toy.


[The advertisement] is a celebration of the endless creative opportunities that the Lego System in play provides.


We hope it will engage and excite fans across the world, reminding us all of the importance of play.”


Previously, Lego's advertising was only produced at a local level by in-house employees, but last year, the business streamlined its 500 global advertising employee operation to bring the brand into synergy.


Aside from this marketing campaign, Lego also plans to open up nine store across the US this holiday season, to battle the impact from Toys R Us closing.


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