The Lego Group and Universal Music Group (UMG) have teamed up to create a new music video maker for kids. 

Lego Vidiyo allows children to express their creativity, by directing, producing, starring in, and sharing their own music videos, using tracks from the UMG library. 

Using the app, kids can create their own clips through a mashup of Lego elements, minifigures, music, augmented reality and can edit and add effects to their creation using 'BeatBits' - decorated 2x2 square Lego elements, which once scanned unlock digital effects. 

Clips can then be uploaded to the app feed, but only once the content has passed moderation.

Any content featuring personally-identifiable information, such as children starring in the video, will not be approved for app feed upload, but can be stored locally in-app, to be enjoyed in-person with friends or family members.

The Lego Group CMO Julia Goldin said that Lego Vidiyo aims to fuel the creativity of kids. 

"We want to feed the imagination of the next generation of creatives, providing a new canvas for kids to creatively express themselves. 

"Research shows over three quarters (79%*) of parents globally wish their children had more creative confidence, so we’re launching Lego Vidiyo to help make that happen.

"We know children are always chasing new ways to experiment creatively, and Lego Vidiyo is here to help all kids with a passion for music unleash their creativity through Lego building and music video production," she said. 


New music, challenges, and inspirational content will be added regularly to the app to keep gameplay fresh and encourage children to continue developing their creative skills.

The challenges will be designed to help children transform their videos from simple performances to exciting productions, helping them take full advantage of the range of features Lego Vidiyo has to offer through the BeatBits.

Universal Music Group and Brands EVP Olivier Robert-Murphy added that Lego Vidiyo will also help kids to discover new music. 

"Through this innovative global partnership – with the power of music and play harnessed to support early development of creativity – children around the globe will be able to express themselves as they stage, direct, perform, and share their music videos.

"Lego Vidiyo is a great way for millions of kids to discover new music and get closer to their favourite artists while learning and connecting through play," he said. 

Lego Vidiyo is the first collaboration between the Lego Group and Universal Music Group, after they announced their partnership in April 2020. 

The app is aimed at children aged 7-10 and requires verified parental consent and anonymity to operate. All content will be subject to external moderation before being published in the app-feed. 

The first Lego Vidiyo products will be available in most countries around the world from March 01.


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