Australian toy distributor Kaleidoscope has welcomed the Ditty Bird Books brand to its stable. 

Kaleidoscope is now the distributor of all 10 titles of the musical books as well as the Ditty Bird CDU with 20 books, in Australia. 

In a statement Kaleidoscope said that the books are ideal for developing auditory senses in little ones. 

"We are very excited to introduce Ditty Bird to the Kaleidoscope family.

"Ditty Bird musical board books are the perfect instrument for playful learning through music and sounds.

"Every title features gentle touch contact points for inquisitive little fingers to activate the 'ditties' on each page.

"Along with vibrant illustrations and engaging content, Ditty Bird is designed for big minds with little hands." 

Kaleidoscope is now fully stocked with Ditty Bird products after it received a shipment at the end of July.

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