Australian games manufacturer and distributor, Imagination Gaming, has created the biggest board game promotion of all time, in partnership with Channel Nine and Hasbro.


The business has brought the high-rating TV show, The Block to Monopoly.


This isn't any old edition of Monopoly though.


Customers who buy the $89.00 board game go in the draw to win one of the multi-million dollar, newly-renovated, Gatwick apartments from The Block.


Not only is the biggest thing in board game history, it is the largest reality TV competition prize in Australia, and possibly the world, ever.


Speaking about the promotion, Imagination CEO, Shane Yeend, said that the competition is something that has never been seen before.


This is a game changer. We took a trade promotion lottery for a multi-million dollar apartment, put it in a limited edition Monopoly game and paired it with Australia’s biggest TV program and boom!


“We're really in uncharted waters. It’s never been done. It could be sold out in one or two days with people lined up at retail – which would make it the most successful board game promotion ever – or may take until Christmas (I don’t think so based on feedback) but either way it is the perfect Christmas present.


“I know one thing for sure: there has never been a TV campaign with a multi-million dollar prize in a board game at this level, ever, in the world,” he said.




In a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-esque competition, inside Monopoly – The Block Special Edition, is a golden ticket with a unique number, which when registered, enters the customer into the draw to win. The game also comes with custom Block themed tokens, chance and community cards. All 14 seasons of The Block properties also feature in the game.


Over nine weeks, 10 lucky numbers will be drawn and then in December, one person will be chosen from the 10 to win the million-dollar apartment.


Only 120,000 editions of Monopoly – The Block Special Edition, are in circulation and the majority of them will be sold through Big W, Smokemart Giftbox (SMGB), Games World, Mr Toys, Toyworld, Thingz Gifts and other retailers who are working with Jedko Games and Games Wholesale.


Yeend said that SMGB have created a bonus competition around the game, which will also prove to be a big deal.


“They put their own twist on the promotion by running a secondary competition, where one person who buys the game from SMGB gets to swap out the $20,580 of Monopoly money for cold hard cash. That alone is a big deal.”


Channel Nine's director of content acquisition and commercial development, Alison Hurbert-Burns, said that this type of brand integration is what Channel Nine likes engaging with.


“Combining Australia’s most watched TV program with the world’s most popular family game is precisely the kind of clever brand integration Nine Entertainment enjoys bringing to market.


“Working closely with our partners at Imagination Gaming we’re excited that The Block will be delivering Australia’s most valuable TV prize ever along with another season of number one ratings.”


This one promotion, when sold out, will generate over $10 million at retail.


The promotion was announced on The Block on 12 September.


For further information, contact Shane Yeend at Imagination Gaming:


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