Craft marketplace Craft365 MD Gary Fitz-roy details how COVID-19 has impacted Australia's craft community. 

How has COVID impacted the crafting community?

One of the growth areas out of covid has been the return to traditional crafts and learning.

People have spent a lot more time with family and had the time to learn new pursuits such as knitting, sewing and embroidery.

As with a number of retail sectors [COVID has led to a number of] positive outcomes such as a fast tracked, new and younger audience. 

It’s exciting to see the influx of people who have discovered the joy of hand made and having something made that has a person in mind to receive.

There is more of an emphasis on sentimental value.

How has the platform grown since it launched? 

As people have become more aware of the platform it’s growing steadily.

Craft like jewellery and other retail sectors, are tactile so the site allows people to source and buy supplies they may need but live shows will still be the best outlet to inspire.

What is in the pipeline for Craft365?

To continue to build slowly and bring on new features.

We added educational classes a month ago and have recently launched a PodCraft where we interview crafts people and discover insights about them and their passion.

We will continue to roll out aspects that add value to the crafting community.

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