Want to nominate in the new awards, but want to get your head around what the categories mean? Editor, Imogen Bailey, unpacks the new Toy & Hobby Retailer Business Excellence awards.



This award is the cream-of-the-crop for toy retailers. Both large and small retailers can nominate and will be recognised separately.


This award calls on those retailers who have performed outstandingly throughout the year, across the different facets that make up toy retailing. The award will recognise excellence and innovation in a challenging retail environment.


For small toy retailers, the focus is on; how the business is engaging with the local community; how the employees go above and beyond to help customers; a description of a merchandising display that the retailer is most proud and found to be most effective; and, a description of what the company's unique business approach is and how it led to success.


For large toy retailers, the focus is on; customer service including complaints processes, staff training initiatives, logistics, social media usage and more; the effectiveness of the business' website/online shopping site at adding to toy sales; a description of the merchandising display that the retailer is most proud and found to be most effective; and, a description of what the company's unique business approach is and how it led to success.


Small retailers can nominate here.


Large retailers can nominate here.




Toy & Hobby Retailer believes that online toy retailing will become a large part of the industry in the years to come. Already, some innovative businesses are operating an online-only store and are breaking-ground in this area.


This award will recognise the online toy retailer making waves in the e-commerce space. The award will focus on; customer service in the business including order fulfilment, complaints handling, returns, social media and customer care services; the percentage of growth in the business in ANZ and internationally; and, logistics plans, both currently and for the future.


Nominate here.




We know that a lot of time, creativity, energy and planning goes into merchandising. This award asks those who have a display – window or in-store – that they're especially proud of, to describe the unique elements about the display.


The nomination will highlight; the different facets of the display and what makes it effective and one-of-a-kind; whether the display contains interactive elements (for example: kids can play with the products in the display or technology is intertwined throughout the display through apps, videos, music etc.); and, the inspiration for the display.


Nominees will be able to attach images of their merchandising – to show off their skills.


Nominate here.




Know somebody who is kicking goals in the industry? Are they designing the next hottest toy? Are they engaged with charitable activities? Are they pushing boundaries for the business? Do they go above and beyond to make their employees feel welcomed? Are they just a bloody legend?


This award recognises the everyday legends in the toy industry! This award is open to all who are currently working in the business of play and will highlight; the legend's achievements this year; the positive impact they've had on the industry; their overall character; and, three unique points that are respected and admired about them.


Nominate here.




This award is about highlighting the awesome, innovative things that are happening in toy and toy brand licensing space.


Toy & Hobby Retailer wants to focus on the licensee and licensing agent who execute awesome licensing partnerships and create never-before-seen products, activations or content.


This award will recognise; the first-of-its-kind end result (to the best of your knowledge) which will be described in the nomination; the other elements of the partnership which may include media/content, out-of-home activations etc.; and, whether the licensing agent gained a new client for or after the partnership (either in the form of a new licensee/licensor for the partnership or a new licensee/licensor after the partnership due to the previous work).


Nominate here.




Last, but definitely not least, is the technology initiative award. This award calls on all businesses in the industry who are utilising technology in a new, innovative or exciting way.


This can include – but is not limited to – logistics technology, social media, point-of-sale software, payment systems, warehousing technology, sustainability technology (in the business or to make toys), security technology and staff training modules. If you think your business is using tech in a cool way, nominate yourself!


The award will focus on; how the business implements technology; how this technology makes the business better; and, if applicable, how the technology helped improve customer/client/employee satisfaction.


Nominate here.


The nominations close 01 November, so nominate now for your chance to be recognised for your business excellence!



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