Following the success of the Red Nose Wags partnership between Headstart International, Big W and The Wiggles, Headstart has presented the donation to the charity. 

Getting up on stage with The Wiggles, Headstart presented Red Nose Australia with a donation of $90,922.68.

"Everyone worked very hard to make this promotion happen, particularly Paul Field, Alan Ngov and Ryan Paterson," Headstart owner Andrew Hendy commented on LinkedIn.

"Our whole industry is about kids and it’s great to give something back, what a great cause," he said. 

Headstart national sales manager Alan Ngov echoed Hendy's comments. 

"A fantastic cause and it was a privilege to be involved.

"Shout out to Andrew Hendy, Ryan Paterson and in particular Paul Field who inspired us to get involved!

"Most importantly, the money goes towards saving little lives! Well done The Wiggles, Big W and Headstart International," he said. 

The Red Nose Wags plush went on sale in Big W in June and retailed for $30 with all proceeds going to Red Nose Australia. 

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