Hasbro has introduced its first-ever game in the Monopoly franchise that celebrates female trailblazers. 

Ms. Monopoly was created by Hasbro to spotlight women who have challenged the status quo and marks the first time a new character has graced the cover (outside of licensed editions). 

While Mr. Monopoly is a real-estate player, Ms. Monopoly's mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs. Instead of valuable properties covering the board, inventions and innovations that were made possible by women will be up for investment. Players will build business headquarters instead of houses. 

To bring Ms. Monopoly's vision to life and to celebrate the launch of the game, Hasbro surprised three young female inventors with real money to fuel their ideas and projects. 

"Through the introduction of Ms. Monopoly and the money these young women have received to invest in their future projects, we want to recognise and celebrate the many contributions women have made to our society and continue to make on a daily basis," Hasbro senior director, global brand strategy and marketing Jen Boswinkel said. 

Ms. Monopoly will hit shelves in the US in mid-September and will rollout globally to select countries through September. 

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