• Isaac Larian.
    Isaac Larian.

Toy & Hobby Retailer spoke to MGA CEO, Isaac Larian, and asked him four burning questions about the new office the business is opening up in Australia.


Why is MGA coming to Australia?


Australia is a great toy market and accounts for eight to 10 per cent of the toy business.


MGA has many mega blockbuster toy brands (including new ones) we will see on Australian retail shelves next year.


We have opened successful subsidiaries around the world (MGA UK now the number two toy company in the UK, Beneluxe, Canada, Poland etc.) and we will make MGA Australia another big success.


MGA has been working with Australian business Headstart here for many years, what does your opening mean for them?


Headstart have been great partners for MGA. They have many new developments in the works and will continue to thrive in this market.


What does your opening here mean for the retailers?


[Retailers] will enjoy seeing more of MGA’s innovations and marketing that brings customers and traffic back to the retail stores as we have done in the USA.


What else is interesting about MGA?


MGA [has been] the fastest growing toy company in the world for four years in a row. We have broken another historical record by capturing eight out of the top 10 toys according to NPD and over 30 per cent of the top 50 toys.


All three Poopsie items (introduced this fall) are already on the top 50 list.


Viro ride Vega is already sold out worldwide and is the number one electric scooter (it will be in Australia next year).


This success is the fruit of the incredible MGA team's creativity, passion and hard work and I’m grateful to them.


Key facts:

  • The new MGA office will be based in Sydney

  • MGA will be exhibiting at the 2019 Australian Toy, Hobby and Licensing Fair

  • The new Australian office has been in the works for, “just a few months.”

  • In terms of staffing, MGA will take on, “as many as it takes to get the job done properly.”


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