eBay Australia is set to welcome an estimated 2.6 million people to the site on Black Friday, making the shopping event the busiest day of the year for Aussies shopping online.

If eBay's predictions come to fruition, it will mean for the first time ever, Black Friday will surpass a day in December as eBay's busiest.

The online site predicts 1.9 million visits will be made via mobile, which is an increase on Black Friday data from 2018. The data also suggests that spending will see double digit growth compared to 2018.

Throughout the day, eBay estimates that five gifts will be purchased every second with three of these coming via mobile.

Black Friday peak shopping times are expected to be between 8.30pm and 8.45pm, with mobile shopping peaking between 9pm and 9.15pm, while desktops will see peaks during lunch time between 12pm and 12.15pm.

eBay Australia head of retail insights Gavin Dennis said that the Black Friday event has grown in popularity in Australia in recent years.

"With an unparalleled pool of buying and selling data, eBay is a true reflection of Australian retail and shopping trends.

"Black Friday is a major event in the US and our data shows Australia has officially caught onto this retail phenomenon, opting for the convenience, delivery options and time-saving benefits of online shopping.

"Traditionally we’ve seen our busiest shopping day fall in December but the rise in popularity of Black Friday has spurred an earlier start to the Christmas retail season.

"This is driven by consumers shopping smarter and taking advantage of the great discounts offered by retailers," he said.

eBay also predicts that shoppers will continue to support Australian retailers during Christmas, with recent research indicating that 50% of respondents make special efforts to support Australian businesses during this time.

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