• Ryan 'The Brickman' McNaught and Hamish Blake.
    Ryan 'The Brickman' McNaught and Hamish Blake.

Online retailer, eBay, has revealed that sales of Lego have increased 89 per cent since the launch of Channel Nine's Lego Masters television show.

The show – which follows teams who are competing to create the best Lego build – first aired in Australia on 28 April, has bolstered Lego sales on the site, with 8pm last Sunday being noted as the peak time, with nearly two sets sold every second.

The sales have reflected the builds completed on the show, with Lego Space sales increasing by 101 per cent, Lego City sets jumping up by 68 per cent, while regular Lego bricks recorded a 62 per cent increase on the site.

"With over 11-million unique monthly visitors, eBay is the cultural barometer that sees buyer behaviour reflect what’s happening in the world and the Lego Masters effect has been off the charts," eBay Australia Trendwatcher, Sophie Onikul said.

"If you've got unused Lego in the back of a cupboard, now’s the time to dust it off and cash in. Complete sets are where the real money lies with rare sets fetching thousands."

Meanwhile, other retailers seem to be experiencing uplifts in Lego sales too, as founder and owner of online toy retailer Crayons, Jono Ladmore, said that although a smaller player in the space, the business has still seen increases in sales.

"We don't sell a huge amount of Lego, its a very competitive space online and we are probably a minor player.

"But I have seen an increase in sales in the Classic series, which is just the bricks – we have more stock arriving today.

"This is pleasing for me as Lego Masters is all about creating new models with bricks. All of the high selling sets from Lego are specific models with specific pieces, so it's so pleasing to see people interested in building or encouraging their kids to build things out of bricks."

Catch.com.au has also seen interest in Lego increase, recording noticeable rises in consumers searching for the brand.

"Since Lego Masters started on 28 April our highest sales days for Lego have been on 05 and 07 May, which were much higher than the same days the week before," CMO at Catch, Ryan Gracie, said.

"It looks like the show will help build momentum in Lego interest, the Lego search term on the site has definitely increased and while the sales spike wasn’t immediately noticeable sales are certainly growing by the day."

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