The reboot of powerful anime icon, Digimon, got underway yesterday morning when the first episode of the new Digimon Fusion series made its debut on the Nine Network's Go! channel.

The TV launch will be followed by a DVD boxset release from Roadshow Entertainment in July, and a new toy range which will also include trading cards and digital apps set to roll-out in September, distributed by Bandai Namco Games Australia.

“We’re excited to be launching Digimon Fusion on Go! It’s the perfect platform for this action-adventure series and our first step in re-booting the Digimon franchise in Australia,” Tom Punch, Haven Licensing director said.

The new series is the sixth instalment in the hugely successful Digimon franchise, with the first season comprising 30 x half hour episodes to be broadcast on weekdays at 8.30am.

Digimon Fusion sees a human boy transported into the Digital World with his two best friends, where he encounters creatures called ‘Digimon’ who engage in epic battles for control of their empire. The Digimon heroes need to save their world from an evil threat or be deleted once and for all.

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