• Ladies enjoying the Blogger's Brunch.
    Ladies enjoying the Blogger's Brunch.

Arts and crafts leader Crayola will showcase its award winning range for the second time at the exclusive social media event, the Bloggers Brunch, hosted by Kids Business.

Under the umbrella theme of ‘Better for You/Your Family/Life’, over sixty parenting and lifestyle bloggers, and other social influencers who boast a combined readership of over two million mums will interact with senior brand representatives from Australian Scholarships Group, Brauer, Breville, Bob Jane Tyres, Crayola, Dyson, Medela, SRC and Steggles to learn specifically how these brands go the extra mile to be better for them and their readers and discover products that fit.

In a statement issued by Crayola, the company said “Social media is a powerful communication medium that influences today’s mums and by partnering with these influential bloggers that will be at the event, it allows us to educate on the importance of encouraging children to engage in creative experience from a young age with the right tools.”

Studies have shown modern mothers are tech-savvy, connected and are spending more time online than any other medium.

Recent figures estimate that before investing in a brand, 92 per cent of online mums trust and prefer recommendations from people they know in the virtual medium to those conveyed by traditional media and advertising channels.

While a further 68 per cent say Facebook is the most trusted online platform for online recommendations; and 63 per cent of consumers trust blogs above all.

According to a spokesperson for the Australian Scholarships Group, the networking event presents an ideal opportunity for ASG to speak to them where they’re most engaged.

“Our target audience is mums aged between 25-44 years with children under five years old. These females are constantly multi-tasking, including being online. Their online activity is extraordinarily high so it makes sense.”

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