Bensons Trading's GM of marketing and product development Samantha Atkinson won the ATA's Rising Star Award at the Gala Dinner.

Described by her colleagues as a visionary, Atkinson came out on top against finalists from Warner Bros., Vuly, Moose and My Creative Box. 

"Samantha has a kind nature and infectious sense of humour that brings her colleagues together," Bensons Trading said of her.

"’Visionary’ best describes Samantha - whether it be for product development or new business opportunities.

“Samantha has a unique ability to change direction in the blink of an eye, moving from marketing, to sales to product development, to financials, to licensing.

“Then in her spare time managing the operations at the Royal Agricultural Shows in five capital cities throughout the course of the year.” 

As a proud sponsor of the Rising Star Award, Toy & Hobby Retailer would like to congratulate Samantha on her win. 

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