Funtastic recreates the action from Ben 10 with the all new Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Ultimatrix that enables kids to unlock an arsenal of new aliens and ultimate versions of classic heroes like Humungousaur, Swampfire, Spidermonkey, Echo Echo and Big Chill.

Kids can unlock each hyper-evolved alien by inserting the alien disk into the Ultimatrix and watch as it comes to life, popping up and activating key voices and sounds.

The Ultimatrix comes complete with one Ultimate Humungousaur alien disk along with lights and sounds. Additional alien disks are sold with four-inch Alien collection figurines. There is also the new Ultimate Alien vehicle, the DX Mark 10.

The deluxe transforming car features four vehicles in one – slick racing car, missile firing hovercraft, deep-diving submarine and super-fast jet fighter.

Additionally, the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Utility Vehicle sets combine to create a new incarnation of the trusty Rustbucket III. Each vehicle comes with its own four-inch Ben 10 character. Choose from three utility vehicles: Kevin’s vehicle, Ben’s vehicle and Gwen’s vehicle.

Enquiries, tel: 1800 244 543

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