The Miniland Down syndrome dolls have taken out the 'Jury Prize' in the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers' Best Toy of the Year Awards. 

The Down syndrome dolls are a new addition to the multicultural range and were selected as the winner from a pool of 81 products from 24 toy brands. 

According to Australian Miniland distributor, Axis Toys, the initiative for the Down syndrome dolls came from its co-founder Paula Opfer. 

"Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of Miniland and inclusion means not only embracing different ethnicities and cultures from all over the world but also embracing those with different needs," she said. 

"I couldn’t be prouder of this new line and have been thrilled that they have already found a home here in Australia and New Zealand, not only with families with kids who have Down syndrome but also with all families where diversity is respected and celebrated." 

Currently, there are two anatomically correct Miniland babies with Down syndrome in the collection, with two more set to join the range in December. 

"We also have an Aboriginal Miniland doll in the pipeline for early next year and we are enormously looking forward to introducing her to Australian families everywhere," Opfer added.

"The idea is to collaborate with Aboriginal designers and artists to help create dolls clothes as well.

"We are really passionate about this project as we feel that all children have the right to play with dolls that look like them," she said. 

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