The Australian Toy Association (ATA) has announced the appointment of the new executive manager following the resignation of Gabby Anderson.

Alice Sanderson was named as the new executive manager and commenced the role on 27 August. 

Sanderson has been a part of the ATA team for nine years as the events manager, overseeing the organisation of the Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair and other events including the Mid Year Preview. 

In a statement circled to ATA members, ATA President Jonathan Zimbler said that there was no hesitation in offering Sanderson the role, while Sanderson said she is thrilled to be able to lead the Association's team and its 240 members. 

Alongside organising and hosting the Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair, the ATA provides safety and compliance guidance to its members as well as making representation to government and is a leading voice on the International Council of Toy Industries.


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