The Australian Toy Association has announced that it is working to stage the 2021 Melbourne Toy Fair in person, but will revert the show to a digital platform if COVID-19 conditions don't improve. 

The organisation said that if the situation in Melbourne isn't safe by 31 October, the show will be conducted virtually. 

"The ATA is busy working towards delivering an engaging and exciting fair for 2021 however we also understand that the current climate is ever-changing, and we need to adapt in order to provide a safe and effective environment for our exhibitors and attendees to do business," the ATA said in a statement. 

"The preferential round will proceed next month as per previous communications and this will go out to over 120 of our 2020 exhibitors that have provided feedback on their requirements for next year.

"Plans are also being made for a Digital Fair and come the 31st of October, if the Association feels there is still a risk to the health and safety of all who attend the fair then we will not proceed with the physical fair.

"Exhibitors who have already booked space will receive first access to the Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair – Digital," the organisation said. 

According to the ATA, the digital fair will come equipped with AI technology to help matchmake exhibitors and attendees as well as demo sessions and live-streaming capabilities. 

The 2021 Melbourne Toy Fair is set to take place from 28 February to 03 March. 

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