Why go for the standard amber glow when Jasnor’s Angel Flames Coloured Flame Party Candles burn with red, purple, green, blue and gold flames that add extra magic to birthdays and special occasions. Each pack contains 12 coloured-flame party cake candles and 12 plastic candleholders.

The fabulous new range of stationery is sure to be a hot item with Hello Kitty and Disney fans. Hearts, flowers and blue foil join Sanrio’s iconic puss on the A5 notebook’s cover along with the Hello Kitty logo.

A sure-to-please notebook comes from the Disney by Britto range. Disney’s collaboration with the vibrant work of Romero Britto, one of the most successful pop artists of our generation, has seen a re-imagining of some of the world’s best loved Disney characters, including Mickey, Minnie and Tinker Bell.

Every princess story includes an enchanted garden, and if you’re lucky you may even find a Hello Kitty Flower Pot Mini Plush buried deep within the flowers. These small gifts are guaranteed to bring big smiles this summer.

Enquiries: 03 9562 9900

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