In a post Toys R Us (TRU) climate, many are speculating about who is going to fill the gap left by the shuttered big-box retailer.


For a while, reports have been circulating that Amazon US may look to purchase former TRU locations to increase its physical footprint. So far, no confirmation of this has surfaced.


However, new reports suggest that Amazon will take a leaf out of the TRU book and will create a large, print toy catalogue and distribute it to consumers via mail and the Whole Foods stores (which Amazon owns).


TRU US used to do this with its Big Book toy catalogue.


Amazon has the ability to pick and choose which elements of traditional retailing it wants to use, and can incorporate these into its business model without risking sales.


If the catalogue does go ahead, it will be interesting to see how consumers respond to an e-commerce business using traditional marketing methods.


Whether Amazon Australia looks to do the same as its US counterpart and look to print a catalogue is yet to be seen.


Representatives for Amazon Australia did not have any further information to share on the matter.


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