Amazon Australia is set to roll out a 'Distance Assistant' to its fulfilment centres and delivery stations, to help employees remain socially distanced. 

The news comes as the eTailer cracks $1 billion in sales locally, fuelled by the shift to online during the pandemic. 

The new warehouse tech solution utilises artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning to give employees visual cues to tell them if they are socially distanced or not. 

While walking in front of a camera, the Distance Assistant tracks the employees' movements and gives them immediate visual feedback through a monitor, with socially distanced people highlighted with green circles, while those who are closer than two metres are highlighted in yellow and then red circles. 

TechAu report describes the technology as, "similar to the ‘self-service’ radar speed check mechanism that reminds drivers on Australian roads to slow down by displaying their speed on a screen as they drive past."

Amazon Australia director of operations Craig Fuller welcomed the introduction of the Distance Assistant. 

"With a safety-first approach, we have been investing in scalable technology solutions to prioritise the safety of our teams at all times.

"We are pleased to introduce this global innovation in Australia.

"Social distancing is a learned behaviour and ‘Distance Assistant’ will continue to enhance our safety practices and also empower our team to improve social distancing," he said. 

The fully-contained Distance Assistants will be placed throughout the FC in high-traffic areas and adds to existing COVID-safe policies including mask-wearing, temperature checking and hand-sanitisation stations. 

Amazon has also made the Distance Assistant software available to all, with businesses and individuals able to download the software for free. 

According to TechAu, all a business needs to use the software is a computer and a camera. 

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