New Australian puzzle brand, People Who Puzzle, is reflecting on the craziness and absurdity of 2020 in a new 1000-piece puzzle called Lockdown. 

The hand-illustrated puzzle took 100 hours to draw and features a collection of 60 characters scattered throughout the urban scene, as well as an additional 20 'in the cloud.'

People are depicted engaging in activities that became synonymous with staying at home during lockdown: working and studying from home, baking, binge-watching TV, gardening, receiving home deliveries, walking the dog, hand sanitising, dancing on TikTok and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Other highlights include: a grounded fleet of aircraft (satirically called ‘Emu Air’), people on video calls (including a man in only a business shirt and underpants), and a startled man being issued a fine by police while eating a kebab alone on a park bench (remember that headline?)

There’s even a panic buyer in a hazmat suit, gas mask and rubber gloves, surrounded by stacks of canned food, rolls of toilet paper and N95 face masks.

Founded by 29-year-old Dan Wakehurst in 2020, People Who Puzzle manufactures the standard Lockdown puzzle in Australia, while the premium version is made in Europe. 

"2020 has been a strange and difficult year for everyone, and I think we’ve all experienced degrees of anxiety or frustration," Wakehurst said. 

"I wanted the artwork to reflect the absurdities that we’ve all been through together, in a humorous way," he said. 

Puzzles were a popular choice to pass time during lockdowns in 2020, with eBay recording a 153% year on year increase in the category in March. 

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