The new animated film will hit screens in October.

The books will be out before Christmas this year.

The film will be directed by Conrad Vernon, known for work on the Shrek series.

“It’s an incredible privilege to represent such an iconic catalogue."

“Ethical sourcing and treating people fairly – with dignity and respect – are Hasbro core values."

The new film is set to ask the question: what makes a toy, a toy?

The Wetmore Forest characters are set to come to books.

The Australian licensing business has partnered with two big YouTube names.

The children's character will have new channels and videos launched as part of a new YouTube strategy, to be managed by WildBrain.

264 items will be released in the new Adventure Time range.

The parnership will see WildBrain manage an exclusive library of Playmobil content.

The toy business has announced a licensing partnership for Barbie, as well as live-action film for Hot Wheels.

The Little Wiggles brand has provided fresh opportunities for Wiggles licensees.

The toy and shoe company have teamed up to offer a second run of school shoes, this time, with Treasure X included.