Since launching in 2015, the viral Baby Shark video has amassed more than 5.8 billion views.

The video adds to the growing collection of child-specific COVID-19 information.

Six more titles will be released by Christmas this year.

This month-long program kicked off on Monday.

"CKN Toys continues to build into a fabulous global franchise."

Headstart International is already on board.

This is the second announcement in as many weeks for the kid-YouTuber brand.

The toy line will be released in 2021.

'Do Not Touch' brings the business' properties to life.

It builds on the business' 45-years experience in the industry.

"We are excited to see the tradition go on."

The new dates come as the effects of COVID-19 continue to develop.

Queenslanders can now purchase a Bluey commemorative birth certificate.

The business was recognised by ViacomCBS Consumer Products for its outstanding results over the past year.

"Working with Moose Toys has been such a fun and unique experience."

The collection is made in collaboration with Gold Coast label Jnr Nation.