Melbourne-based toy business ToyMonster has launched its first Jurassic World products in Australian stores. 

The business, which secured the global Jurassic World licence to manufacture and distribute toy products in 2019, has launched the Jurassic World Captivz Slime Egg and Jurassic World Zoom-Riders ranges into Australian retailers. 

Captivz is ToyMonster's take on collectibles for the franchise, while Zoom-Riders is a range of pullback cars. 

Speaking on the ranges, ToyMonster global head of brand and marketing Claire Carroll said that the business wanted to bring a new experience to the Jurassic World brand. 

"With so many species to consider and unique battle attributes within the Jurassic World universe, we wanted to bring a new level of play to dinosaur fans that provides premium detail, the ability to gamify the collecting experience; all while celebrating the power of the franchise," she said.   

ToyMonster's Jurassic World ranges hit shelves in Australia on 10 September - the first time they'd been debuted anywhere in the world. 

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