Ahead of the 2019 James Bond film, toy giant, Lego has sent the rumours flying with a mysterious tweet.


The tweet, “We’ve been thinking about creating a special Secret (Service) model that could help an agent out in a tricky situation. Any ideas? @astonmartin #LicenceToBuild,” got Lego and Bond fans excited.


Aston Martin responded, further adding to the hype: “We may have a few ideas for what the special model could be… :) #LicenceToBuild.”


Then the icing on the cake came in the form of the official James Bond account responding, saying: “Licence to build is authorised #LicenceToBuild.”


Twitter users have been speculating about the possibility of both a new 007 Lego set and a Lego Bond movie.


“This sounds like the start of something big. I can't wait to see it,” one user wrote.


Does this mean that James Bond might appear in one of the @LEGO_Group movies? That would be great for my son! Wonder who could be the voice of Bond if they do that,” said another user.


The next James Bond film is set for release in the US on 08 November 2019.


Lego and Bond fans alike will be waiting with bated breath to see what unfolds from these mysterious tweets.



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