A new Playmobil film was announced at the Annecy Animation International Film Festival (AAIFF) in France last week.


The film's director, Lino Di Salvo – known for Disney's Frozen and Tangled – gave punters an insight into what is in the works.


Playmobil: The Movie is set to be a blend of live action and animation and will revolve around a character called Marla, who is forced to leave her home to search for her little brother Charlie in the larger Playmobil world.


The similarity between Lego: The Movie and the upcoming Playmobil film was addressed, with the creators saying that if they made half of the US$500 million that Lego grossed worldwide, they'd be happy.


Unlike the Lego films, the Playmobil film will focus more on characters rather than comedy, according to Di Salvo.


“The film is an emotional, adventure-filled journey in the veins of Finding Nemo,” Julien Bocabeille, head of animation said at AAIFF.


The film will have a strong focus on the soundtrack too, with several original songs being written for it.


Playmobil: The Movie is set for release in February 2019.


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