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    Universal Brand Management Team.

Fashionable people milled outside Bay 13 at Australian Technology Park on Wednesday evening, anticipation buzzing in the air ahead of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom-inspired runway show.


The steel roller door opened, guests entered a large, funky, industrial-like space, complete with red carpet. Once checked off the list, with a business card thrown in to the bowl – the winner scoring tickets to the premiere of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – there were drinks and nibbles to be had and an exhibition to peruse.


On display was an open T-Rex skull replica, bearing a toothy-grin. Further into the space, a life-like, moving, roaring, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex flanked the entrance to an indoor garden. This was the place to get pictures – attendees snapping selfies with the dinosaurs, some trying the classic pose of heads in the dino's jaws.


In the garden, four cabinets with artefacts inside invited intrigue, although by the end of the evening people had put their empty glasses on top. There's another dinosaur at the back of the garden, although this one isn't moving. Two branded walls enclose the garden – another popular picture spot.


The space was divided into two distinct areas – the garden which invited play, selfies and silliness – and the runway which evoked a moody, serious and mysterious vibe. The catwalk, bounded by large pillars that were lit with red spotlights, while the runway itself was dotted with large white spotlights, casting interesting shadows across the space.


The award-winning inflatable T-Rex costume did not grace the runway, instead, designers of fashion ranging from streetwear to high couture used Jurassic World as a jumping off point to present diverse, exciting collections. Among Australian designers lending their talents were: Sarah Joseph Couture, A.BCH, Lunar Sand, Keegan, Vincent Li, Leah Da Gloria and Evol.


Where some designers used Jurassic World logos and branding as design motifs, others took a broader view referencing scales with sequins, the reptilian eye both large and small and the intricate skin texture of these extinct beasts. An amusing highlight was the inclusion of dinosaur toys in clear plastic tote bags, as accessories in a menswear collection.


The runway event was the first of its kind in Australia and is part of a larger global consumer product roll-out. Jo Pascoe, Country Universal Brand Development ANZ Consumer Products director, said the timing was perfect for the event as it slotted perfectly between other high profile fashion shows.


While the event was billed as a trade only, one-off, given the level of excitement in the room, the applause and the eager up-take of the goodie bags – the self-tanning product being the most sought-after – it is sure to accomplish Universal Brand Development's aim of getting the buzz going ahead of the film's release in June.




(l to r) Kate Gardam, Lisa Williams, Jo Pascoe, Cassandra Chan, Chrystal Remington and Anna Pearson.

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