Australian toy business Jasnor, has launched a new range of nursery toys under the newly formed Wiggles brand, The Little Wiggles.


The Wiggles have been entertaining preschool (two to five years) children for decades. The original preschool audience are now watching The Wiggles with their own babies and toddlers, hence the need for new Wiggles products and content that is tailored to a younger (zero to two years) audience.


To meet this need, a new 'Wiggles world' has been launched, titled The Little Wiggles, after the success of the segment within The Wiggles', Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle TV series.


This new brand comes with new character art and a new logo and provides fresh opportunities for Wiggles licensees in the baby/nursery toys, clothing and accessories sector.




Managing director of The Wiggles, Paul Field, said that the business is thrilled to be servicing the baby segment of its audience with new products.


Even after 28 years, The Wiggles brand continues to evolve!


Babies and toddlers have always been a part of our audience so it's great we are finally catering specifically for our tiniest fans with these products.”


Jasnor has launched products that have been developed using early childhood development frameworks which focus on the 'edutainment' needs of babies and toddlers.


The initial run of products will feature Little Emma and Little Lachy animated plush, comforters, activity toys, rattles and a Wiggles soft book, constructed using soft materials to ease sensitive skin issues. Little Anthony and Little Simon, as well as clothing and accessories will also be introduced to the range at a later date.


Sales and marketing director at Jasnor, James Thurlow, said that Jasnor is excited to be working on a new Wiggles range, which can be introduced to the newest fans from a young age. 


"We are delighted to be working with The Wiggles on this exciting new range for the littlest Wiggles fans.


"People who grew up with The Wiggles are now parents, and with our Little Wiggles collection they can introduce their children to Little Emma and Little Lachy items from as early as six months of age."


The Little Wiggles product line will launch 31 January at Big W.




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