A few weeks ago, rumours were flying – stoked by official Lego, Aston Martin and James Bond Twitter accounts – that a Lego James Bond set could be in the works.


Many Twitter users speculated that the set would be the classic Bond car, the Aston Martin DB5.


A new teaser dropped on the official Lego account, with the company Tweeting: “It's been 'driving' us wild with excitement and now we're nearly ready to reveal this powerful creation! #LicenceToBuild.”




The post is accompanied by an image of a blacked-out box surrounded by the Aston Martin logo and 007 insignia.


The post confirms that the set is definitely happening and will be Aston Martin related.


Fans on Twitter are getting excited for the release with one user Tweeting: “Every day I check this account for the James Bond reveal and every time I end up sad and disappointed.”


While another said: “Cmonnnnnn!!! I can’t wait!”


The set is due for release on 01 August.

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