American toy business, Hasbro, has introduced an updated version of its sourcing guide for licensees.

The easy-to-read, updated Hasbro Ethical Sourcing Guide for Licensees, will be housed permanently on the Hasbro website and the Licensee Approval System (LAS), and includes the following updates:

  • Updated Hasbro Global Business Ethics Principles: Hasbro has recently enhanced its ethical sourcing standards, including the provision on Forced Labour to help protect contract workers, domestic or foreign, vulnerable to forced labour exploitation.
  • Hasbro North Korean Worker policy: There is now US legislation prohibiting the importation of goods made in whole or part with North Korean labour (as detailed in the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act).

The law creates a presumption that all North Korean labour is forced labour, even when these workers receive compensation and hold appropriate work permits.

If North Korean workers are found anywhere in the supply chain, US Customs and Border Protection has the authority to block the import of all impacted products.

For this reason, it is imperative that licensees ensure that there is no North Korean labour involved in the production of any licensed products imported into the US.

  • Bangladesh Updated Guidance: Due to known risks of sourcing in Bangladesh, Hasbro will continue to require that licensee factories in Bangladesh participate in either the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety or the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and submit the respective reports (at least 80 per cent remediation) to verify compliance in addition to comprehensive social compliance reports.

Factories that are participating in the Better Work Bangladesh program will be looked upon favourably in approval determinations.

  • Prohibited use of Cotton from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan: Due to the widespread, systematic use of forced adult and child labour for the harvesting of cotton in both Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, all licensees are prohibited from knowingly using cotton from these countries for Hasbro licensed articles and must have a due diligence and traceability process to demonstrate compliance.

“Ethical sourcing and treating people fairly – with dignity and respect – are Hasbro core values, and we require all licensees to manufacture products bearing our brands in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in safe, fair and legal working conditions,” Hasbro said in a statement.

To read the Hasbro Ethical Sourcing Guide for Licensees, click here.

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