Universal has launched a new augmented reality game Jurassic World Alive, ahead of the release of the upcoming film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


The game will allow players to collect dinosaurs while exploring their surrounding streets, encountering the prehistoric beasts in augmented reality (AR). Players can also deploy an in-game drone to collect DNA samples of discovered dinosaurs and create genetically modified creatures in a lab within the game.


The dinosaurs have the ability to be levelled up and players can battle each other in real-time.




“We believe this is what fans have been waiting for – to bring Jurassic World into their world in ways only the latest technology can make possible,” Chris Heatherly, Executive Vice President of Games and Digital Platforms, Universal Brand Development said. “For fans who have always wanted to engage with dinosaurs, Jurassic World Alive will allow them to interact with these magnificent creatures in extraordinary ways.”


Users can also view and interact with their dinosaur collection in the real world via AR, and take photos and videos with them.


“With Jurassic World Alive, our goal is for audiences to be fully immersed in a world with living dinosaurs in a way that’s never been possible until today,” Alex Thabet, President and CEO of Ludia (game publisher) said.




Jurassic World Alive is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Ludia has previously published two other Jurassic-related games; Jurassic Park Builder and Jurassic World: The Game.

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