Hasbro's Cluedo Mansion has received a renovation in celebration of its 70th anniversary, turning the hall into a bathroom. 

In partnership with renovation and design platform Houzz, Hasbro and Houzz opened a voting portal to consumers allowing them to vote for which room they'd like to see on the board. 

After thousands of votes came in from Australia, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand and India, the bathroom won out over the other options: a guest room, drawing room or an updated version of the hall. 

The design for the new bathroom is inspired by US-based Ann Lowengart Interiors and is the first bathroom to be included in the game's mansion. 

The updated Cluedo game complete with the new bathroom will be available to purchase from 2020. 

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