The Rubik's Brand has launched its first Official Cube app that uses AI technology. 

The Rubik's Official App helps solvers solve the Cube, using phone camera and AI processing to track the cube and show arrows 'painted' on the cube in real time. 

The app also features audio and visual cues to help solve the puzzle and improve solve time, as well as games that feature a virtual cube to solve. 

"The Cube has fascinated fans for four decades and I’m the first to admit that the puzzle can be challenging," Rubik's Brand CEO Christoph Bettin said.

"Research supports the view that solving a Cube links brilliantly with the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and this high-tech app captures this, while creating fun and excitement," he said. 

The Rubik's Official App is available on the IOS app store to download. 

The Rubik's Cube is celebrating its 40th year in 2020. 

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