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One of Australia's largest YouTube channels, CKN Toys has partnered with Nickelodeon to develop original content and consumer products. 

The deal, brokered by Haven Global, sees the YouTube stars enter an exclusive, multi-territory partnership with the entertainment business. 

Brothers Calvin and Kaison of CKN Toys have amassed over 13 million subscribers on their channel which features toy unboxing and testing videos. The channel reaches a global audience across Australia, the US, the UK, the Phillipines, India, Indonesia and Brazil. 

The content for channels Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. will be produced by Nickelodeon Australia and will draw inspiration from the brothers' unscripted, spontaneous YouTube content. 

Nickelodeon International EVP of content and network strategy Jules Borkent said that the business is excited to begin working on the content. 

"CKN Toys has grown to become one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world because kids and parents alike love Calvin’s sense of fun and play, and his good-natured personality. 

"We’re looking forward to developing content that taps into all the things fans already love about CKN Toys and giving it a distinct Nickelodeon look and feel." 

Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products senior VP of international Mark Kingston added that the Nickelodeon is thrilled to create consumer products for the CKN Toys brand. 

"Haven and Nickelodeon have been partners for decades, so it’s exciting to have the opportunity to develop a consumer products plan that embodies the fun and playful nature of CKN Toys," he said.

Haven Global MD Tom Punch said that the boys have become a significant presence in the toy review space. 

"CKN Toys is a massive worldwide hit, especially appealing to boys aged three to eight years old.

"Calvin and Kaison’s infectious and authentic enthusiasm when road-testing toy superheroes, vehicles, construction kits and playsets have turned them into real tastemakers," he said. 

The partnership was announced on 01 October. 

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