Australian Rubik's speedcubing champion Feliks Zemdegs is set to have his fame heightened, as the new documentary, The Speed Cubers, premieres on Netflix today 29 July. 

The film follows Zemdegs and fellow American speedcuber Max Park as they compete in the World Cubing Association championships which took place in Melbourne in July 2019. 

Zemdegs is the only speedcuber to ever win the World Cube Association championships twice and the film sees him face off against Park, who is 18 years of age and is on the Autism spectrum. 

Rubik's Brand head of global marketing Hayley Woodward said that the documentary complements the brand's 40th celebrations. 

"Rubik’s has supported the World Cubing Association championships for many years and I’ve been lucky enough to witness several competitions at first hand.

"This new film has been independently produced and its launch in the 40th anniversary year of the Rubik’s Cube going global is pure serendipity.

"What’s great is that you don’t have to be an elite speedcuber to enjoy the subject and it opens the minds of those considering the benefits of solving a Cube.

"We are thrilled because Max Park is an official ambassador to Rubik’s and is now inspiring others to learn to Cube for the first time," she said. 

The film is available to watch on Netflix now. 

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