The teen-skewing, animated, detective comedy series, Lexi & Lottie, will soon roll out a publishing program thanks to a new deal signed with Penguin Random House Australia (PRHA).

Under the terms of the contract, PRHA will develop storybooks and activity books based on the 26 x 24-minute TV series created by Sydney-based animation powerhouse SLR Productions.

The new range will launch with two storybooks, Here Kitty, Kitty and Art for Art’s Sake, as well as two activity books aimed at Australian tweens.

The stories will be penned by SLR Productions’ script producer Melanie Alexander, who also writes for the TV series. The new material will also include artwork from SLR Productions.

Lexi & Lottie follows twin detectives on their adventures at Appleton Animal Park. With the combination of a little twin telepathy, a pet mouse with a nose for clues, and their hilarious journalist friend, Fred, this dynamic crime-solving duo appeals to children aged 6-9 years and leaves local ne'er-do-wells scratching their heads.

“Our beloved trusty twin detectives Lexi & Lottie are the perfect fit for Penguin Random House’s tween publishing market,” Suzanne Ryan SLR Productions CEO and EP said.

“Their vibrant and energetic personalities, along with their detective adventures at Appleton Animal Park translate incredibly well into storybook adventures and activity books.”

“Penguin Random House Australia are so excited to be launching the Lexi and Lottie book series.” Holly Toohey, Penguin Random House Brands & Partnerships publisher said.

“From the moment we heard SLR Productions’ pitch for the show we knew that these fun, action-packed episodes would translate perfectly into books for young readers. The series is hugely commercial, both in look and content, but also has strong educational themes such animal welfare, problem solving and social justice which will ensure its longevity.”

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