Ugears began in 2014 as a start-up based in Kiev, Ukraine, that creates and manufactures unique, self-propelled mechanical model sets that are designed to be assembled without glue.

The designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms and embody a love of art and ingenuity. Ugears believes that building these beautiful working models should be fun, and to that end, has dedicated its engineering know-how, meticulous product testing and quality control to a single goal: an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family.

Some of the models draw inspiration from real-life mechanisms, some are absolutely unique, and all of them boast a refinement that comes from taking quality control seriously via meticulous product testing.

With a commitment to sourcing plywood from sustainable sources, and while looking for the way to smooth out the construction experience for its customers, Ugears has invented and patented its own plywood joint design.

Even in a world of video games and virtual reality, people are still excited when they find creative, fulfilling ways to use their hands. Ugears’ business fuels this excitement as well as giving individuals and families the opportunity to come together through the joy of hands-on modelling.

Join Ugears in bringing these unforgettable moments to DIY enthusiasts of all ages.

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