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After a huge 2016, this year will see Winning Moves focus on a range of video game licensed products.

One of the most highly anticipated is The Elder Scrolls Risk, based on the series of action role-play open-world fantasy video games,The Elder Scrolls.

The series has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, across 20 different versions, and with numerous awards bestowed the Elder Scrolls provides a great foundation for a unique version of Risk.

The fifth instalment of The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim V, will be adapted into a truly fantastic edition of Monopoly.

The changes in game play sum up the Skyrim theme perfectly: the Empire has been overthrown by the Elves, the Stormcloaks are rebelling against the Imperial Army, and Dragons have come to life, terrorising the people of Skyrim.

It is down to the player to take control. During the game, players will need to build inventory at the Blacksmith and Alchemist, collect and loot resources, and even pay bribes and bounty if Hold Guards are suspicious of player activities. Keep an eye out for these editions being released around May.

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