Ventura Games  Stand A02

Ventura Games is Australia’s leading distributor for family games, jigsaw puzzles, 3D and 4D jigsaws, strategy games, puzzles, poker chips and accessories.

Ventura also manufactures a wide range of exciting board games including the popular Articulate, Sequence, Rapidough and Balderdash!

This all-new version of Balderdash! is a hilarious bluffing game that asks your friends to call your bluff, combining unbelievable but true content with answers that are hilarious and totally made up!

Each card in the game lists real but unbelievable people, words, initials, movies and laws that players have probably never heard of.

After one is read aloud, players try to come up with plausible sounding definitions, which are then read off along with the correct answer. Don’t know the correct answer? It doesn’t matter, players are competing to get everyone to pick theirs.

While points are rewarded for guessing correctly, players also score points for how many other players pick theirs. Who's the best at faking it?

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