Squatter: Australia's Classic Farming Game – Ground Level Canterbury Room

Squatter is Australia's most successful board game ever, with over 500,000 copies sold, families have been wheeling and dealing for three generations, with a fourth poised to join in the fun.

Whether the players are eight years old or adult, it's the entertainment value that has kept players coming back to Squatter for 50 years.

Squatter is Australia’s own iconic game, as Australian as Waltzing Matilda, and as much fun as eating ice cream.

Two to six players can vy for Squatter supremacy as they manages their own sheep station, face droughts and bushfires, aim to improve their property, and win by being Squatter first to double their flock.

The game blends life-like luck and strategy, as well as teaching business management and foster an understanding of farming principles and what it takes to make your living on the land.

Squatter is renowned for its ability to reinforce a wide range of education curriculum in tertiary, secondary and primary colleges, and is an essential item for city and rural retailers, who supply quality games to families, education, gifts, tourism and souvenir markets.

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