Smarter Puzzles – Ground Level Mezzanine

Smarter Puzzles is proud to introduce the Valk3 world-class 3x3 speedcube.

This hot new item was designed with help of Dutch speedcuber, Mats Valk, who used it to set the Rubik's Cube speed solve world record of 4.74 seconds in November 2016.

Whether it's budget cubes, beginners' cubes and cubes for hardcore puzzlers, the range is swiftly growing, and expanding into the fidget toy category.

As well as metal finger spinners with high quality bearings for faster, longer spins, the Smarter Puzzles ream will be all too happy to discuss the attractive selection of fidget cubes, Mobang tumbling sticks, and an amazing metal top that when spinning, flips over onto its stem.

Other highlight items include the award-winning Ball of Whacks – a magnetic, creativity toy for building colourful creations or for those in need of a distraction; the About Time board game; the iball3 electronic sequence guessing puzzle, and the Xmatrix maze toys. And don't forget to the EOFY specials.

Enquiries T: 0449 785 539 W:

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