Hasbro has updated its game night classic for a new generation, Trivial Pursuit 2000s, an up-to-the-minute reboot featuring updated gameplay and covering trivia and pop culture minutia from the 'naught-ies' to now.

The revised game includes 300 trivia cards bearing 1800 questions across six categories; Places, Entertainment, Events, the Arts, Science & Tech and Sports & Hobbies.

Trivial Pursuit 2000s' questions range from The Big Merino on the Hume Highway, Adriano Zumbo’s famous Tim Tams and Sydney’s Vivid Festival, to pop culture icons such as Katy Perry, Angry Birds and Mad Men, and interesting facts about our amazing planet and travel destinations.

With the updated game-play, contenders can now choose to answer a question or ‘stump’ their opponents if they do not know the answer to a question.

If ‘stump’ is chosen, the opponent must answer the question instead. If there is more than one opponent, all opponents must reach a unanimous answer.

If the opponents are incorrect, the player takes a colour wedge and moves forward in the game. However if the opponents are correct, the player stays where they are and all opponents move forward one space! The first player to collect each colour wedge and answer a final question wins. 

“From pub trivia nights to trivia apps, the popularity of trivia is at an all time high. We noticed a surge of interest in trivia, particularly from millennial and Generation X players, and knew it was the perfect time to give Trivial Pursuit an update by launching Trivial Pursuit 2000s,” Tiffany Vibert, Hasbro Australia Games brand manager said.

“In almost 40 years since Trivial Pursuit was first released in 1979, the game continues to find new generations of general knowledge and pop culture lovers, and we’re thrilled to release Trivial Pursuit 2000s so all generations can enjoy this game night classic together.”

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