Crown & Andrews/Goliath – Level 3, Room 325

Crown & Andrews/Goliath offers active games players a thrilling rush of excitement with its new title, Ultra Dash, designed for one or more players or teams, aged six years and above.

Players race to match the colour of the flashing light on their tagger to the colour of the targets. Each time Ultra Dash is played the game is different thanks to the randomisation of the order of the colour flashes. Players also have the option to rearrange their target course however they wish.

Ultra Dash has three game modes: Beat the Clock – a race to hit all five targets and see which player is fastest; Target Tally – allows players to set a timer and then race to see how many targets they can hit in that time; and Relay Race – it's team versus team, with each player racing to hit five targets and then passing their tagger to the next player.

The first two games can be played as single player, with players trying to beat their own time or target-count.

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