World Alive’s Aqua Dragons, distributed by Modern Brands, is an educational science kit that contains live aquatic pets that kids can bring to life and watch grow.

Aqua Dragons are a unique kind of crustacean called Artemia that have a biological process called Diapause that allows them to hibernate, hatching once in contact with water.

Five years ago, creator Amy Holden and her partners launched a successful range of hatch‐and‐grow Aqua Dragons kits with the goal of providing curious‐minded people and animal lovers with their own unique pets.

Hatching and growing Aqua Dragons helps children learn important values like caring for a living creature and being responsible as it pertains to feeding, as well as how to treat live animals with respect instead of as a science experiment.

Kids will also learn about science, anatomy, biology, marine biology and even history and geography through playtime with their Aqua Dragons.

Sales have been incredibly successful, topping the charts for science toy sales in several countries,” Amy Holden, founder, product innovator and developer of Aqua Dragons says.

Her next challenge is to raise $50,000 to send 13.8 million Aqua Dragons eggs on an unmanned flight into the outermost stratospheres of the planet.

This mission into space has been launched on Kickstarter.

I have been in love with these crustaceous aquatic pets since I first received one 14 years ago, and I know that sending the Aqua Dragons into Space will make these little critters all the more interesting,” Holden says.

My hope is that children and their parents will be fascinated with the Aqua Dragons in Space, and as excited as I am about collaborating in creating the world’s first out‐of‐this‐world pets.”

As far as we’re concerned, having the chance to hatch your own Aqua Dragons and see their incredible life cycle is an unforgettable experience that nobody should miss.”

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